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 Venice Garden's is Wuxi's oldest and still most popular Expat community. At one time if you were posted to Wuxi and an Expat you were expected to live in Venice Gardens. It was a fact of life and there were few other housing options available. Especially if you were looking for a house rather than an apartment.

These days no one forces Expats to live in Venice Gardens and it remains the single most popular housing option for Expats with families. The reason for this is the proximinity to International Schools. These days however parents have more choice in where their children go to school. Nevertheless, Venice Gardens has remained a popular housing option.

Venice Gardens offers houses and apartments for rent. If you want or need to be close to other Expats Venice Gardens is probably for you.

Driving Minutes to:
International school: Inside compound
Supermarket: 15 mins.
Downtown: 25 mins.
Airport: 30 mins.

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