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Nanchang District

Nanchang District (simplified Chinese: 南长区; traditional Chinese: 南長區; pinyin: Nán Cháng Qū, Wu: Nu Zang Qu) is one of six urban districts of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China.

Southeast of the city centre, the district includes more ancient infrastructure and historically important sites.

Wuxi Nan Shan Zi

Nan Chan Temple one of the main tourist attractions in Wuxi.

Located at the end of Chongsan road in downtown Wuxi the Temple market is probably one of the most interesting ways to spend an afternoon in Wuxi. It is a smaller more Chinese version of the YuYuan Gardens in Shanghai. The best time to visit is during the Lantern Festival or the Autumn Festival. But beware of crowds. The Temple market is a Chinese tourist attraction designed for the ever increasing numbers of middle class Chinese tourists

If you are new to Wuxi the Temple Market is a great way to experience some real China. (OK the touristy Chinese China) You will not be the first Expat to visit the market. You can still however be the only foreigner visiting on that any given day. In addition to the normal compliment of tourist shops selling everything from antique fakes to tacky souvenirs, you can buy birds, fish and plants at reasonable prices. As with any Chinese market however the key to a good price is bargaining. Never accept the first price, when asked how much you want to pay, cut their price by about three quarters

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