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House search, negotiations, transport and assistance

If you entrust wuxirealestate Ltd. with the important task to find an apartment or house in Wuxi or the province Jiangsu, we know that you look for a comfortable place for you and/or your family which will be pleasant during your time in China.

To find the right apartment or the right house is one of the first and most important steps if you intend to come to China or your company sent you. As in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria or Switzerland the conditions of the contract must be negotiated with the owner and a contract be concluded. Our agents ...

  1. Our agents are Chinese citizens and fluent in German, English, Japanese, or Korean.
  2. Our agents have experience abroad.
  3. Our agents know what you are looking for.
  4. Our agents always inform the owner about your expectations.
  5. Our agents always inform you about the expectations of the owner.
  6. Our agents are your translators and help you communicate with the owners and authorities regarding the real estate, you want to rent or buy.
  7. Our agents provide practical assistance and information during the search, the negotiations and the finalization of the contract and also regarding the legal specifics in the V.R China.
  8. We translate your contract from Chinese to English.
  9. A translation into English is available on request.
  10. OUR agents work for YOU and not for the owner.
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